Maningrida Art and Culture

Anniebell Bindalbindal Marrngamarrnga - Birlmu or Namarnkorl


The Koskela Gallery is pleased to present Karri bengkan Djang (We know our culture)⁠—a new series of works from the community of Maningrida.

Maningrida comes from the Ndjébbana phrase mane djang karrirra, meaning ‘the place where the totemic ancestors transformed.’ The community is located in Central Arnhem Land, a region defined by linguistic and cultural diversity, home to twelve language groups, 110 clans and 32 outstations or homelands. 

Kuninjku fibre artists are renowned for the depth and range of colours they achieve from boiling stripped pandanus leaves with various roots, leaves, berries and ash. ‘Spirit’ beings, such as the mimih (Kuninjku) and djómi (Ndjébbana), are carved from thin trunks of various softwoods. As this body of work from deceased and emerging artists conveys, old ways continue to evolve as they are passed on through the generations.

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Artist: Anniebell Bindalbindal Marrngamarrnga 
Title: Birlmu or Namarnkorl (Barramundi)
Catalogue Number: 2268-18  

Dimensions: 170 x 36cm
Materials: Fibre Sculpture. Pandanus and Natural Dyes

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