The beauty of smaller spaces

Sydney is known for many things, like its jaw-dropping harbour, the rich history of the Eora Nation and its First Nations people, the white, glistening sails of the Opera House, and more recently, the property boom!

More and more Sydneysiders are devising creative ways to maximise their square meterage, and this beautiful, architecturally designed studio has sparked our imagination. Nestled in the heart of Queens Park, this clever dwelling harnesses a mix of industrial-style materials to create a sense of high ceilings, openness and space. 

Our resident Interior Consultant, Harriet, styled this space, so we thought it's the perfect opportunity to pick her brain on how to optimise and style smaller homes for maximum comfort.

But first, let’s take a peek inside this compact dwelling.

Queens Park Studio

Architect: Reinhardt Jung; Build: Burton Residential Construction; Photography: Jessica Maurer

Same space, different vantage points. The clever use of fixtures paired with Harriets minimal, but impactful styling creates a sense of flow and ease to this Queens Park studio. 

Due to her role at Koskela, Harriet has developed an extensive network of interior designers and architects, and is on the pulse of upcoming trends. She always approaches these trends through a sustainable lens, which is why Harriet is so passionate about Koskela’s Australian made and enviro-conscious approach to design. 

What are your top three tips for styling apartment and studio spaces?

1. Display your favourite things in groups as opposed to spreading them out.

2. Introduce a wow factor piece. Whether it's bold in colour or size, this will create an impact that will often distract from the size of the room!

3. Choose your rug wisely. Don't be afraid to go big as long as you've done a good measure up to make sure what fits. Small rugs tend to make a space look small.

How can we create a sense of openness in small spaces?

Let the light in. If you don't have an abundance of natural light, a decorative pendant or floor and table lamps can keep the space looking brighter. There's no need to keep filling your space up with more furniture and accessories. 

Limit your purchases to things that you truly love and that are not based on short term trends. This is a more sustainable and ethical way of decorating your home.

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Indulging in delicious food with friends and family, mastering the perfect Bloody Mary for the day after and swimming in between.

What do you love about your community and why?

The troop of families in my neighbourhood are a treasure. Especially during the times when all we could do was say g'day from the front path. Thank goodness for our local park that has been the location of most of our interactions the last couple of years. And a big shout out to all of the baristas, chefs and bakers who have kept us all fed and watered.

If you could summarise your design style with a song, what would it be?

I'm not sure it describes my style but Jamming by Bob Marley and the Wailers. A family Christmas anthem too.

What’s one small thing you can do to your home to make it feel more inviting without spending any money?

Plants are magic. They will soften your space, fill in any unsolvable gaps and clean the air. Finding the right vessel is just as important and this doesn't have to be costly either.

What’s one piece you think everyone should invest in to make the most out of their smaller spaces?

Spend the time and money on investing in art that speaks to you. It gives your home personality, will spark conversation and can help with all of the other decisions you need to make with your furnishings and accessories.



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