Design For Social Change

Pampa Rugs

Pampa is a homegrown business based in Bungalow, NSW, founded by two photographers - one from Argentina, the other from Australia - who share two worlds, two visions and two cultures. Every year they explore some of Argentina’s most remote indigenous communities, to seek-out the finest rugs that have been handwoven using traditional materials, designs and techniques. “Pampa” is the word used in Latin America to describe the open plains, lands that lay uninterrupted to the horizon.

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Yuṯa Baḏayala

Yuṯa Baḏayala is a collaboration between traditional Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island Arts in Arnhem Land and Koskela. It is a long term project very close to our heart, which aims to provide Indigenous weavers with an additional stream of income from their work and to introduce new and compelling ‘art products’ into contemporary interiors. We feel really passionately that we have an obligation and a meaningful role to play in using our design skills to address some of the social issues that are around us.

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