Koskela chats with Camille Walala

Koskela chats with Camille Walala

By now, we’re sure everyone’s seem Camille Walala’s work in our gallery, on our newsletters or across social media. It’s colourful, joyful, and we can’t get enough. Camille herself is as bold, bright and infectious in person as her work is in our gallery and we thought you’d love getting to know a bit about her and her work, so we caught up with her to give you an inside scoop.

Camille Walala is a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print. A graduate in Textile Design from the University of Brighton, her namesake brand was established in East London in 2009, where she continues to live. Influences include the Memphis Movement, the Ndebele tribe and Optical Art master Vasarely alongside the simple desire to put a smile on people’s faces. Her signature Tribal POP style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces – “the bigger the better”. 

Koskela: Can you tell us a bit about your working process? Everyone is always asking how you get your super-precise designs onto the wall!

Camille: Because my design are  bold  and quite simple they have to be very precise to give their full effect. I love the planning part of it, everything as to be drawn very meticulously


K: How did you develop your signature ‘tribal pop’ style? Have you always loved the Memphis movement?

C: I have been influenced by Memphis for years now but also by african tribe’s patterns and  Optical Art. I guess my style comes from me having the same love for strong shapes since years and having play with them since …  Persistency must have been the key!


K: What’s coming up for you this year and where can we look for your work next?

C: I am going back to London in few weeks to work on the collaboration I did with the brand CAtterpillar, designing pattern for their iconic shoes.

I Will be working in Europe for a while, but I am really excited to know that I will be back in Australia in October for new  collaborations.

I am in Sydney  for 2 more weeks, and I will be doing a window installation for INCU in the city  early march, and also painting walls in my favourite cafe called Fleetwood Macchiatto in Erskinville.

I will be collaborating with the 2 amazing ladies from the Graphic Studio called PROVINCE.




 K: You keep coming back to Sydney, which is great for us! What do you love about it?

C: My very best friend has been living in Sydney for almost 15 years. I came here for the first time 10 years ago and completely felt in love with the city.  Since, I have been coming as often as I could.

I love the coloured streets,the tropical plants in  front yards and back yards,  the friendliness of people, the amazing food and the weather!  Dreamboat city –


K: What would your dream project be?

C: My dream project will be to paint buildings in housing estates.  Most of those buildings are pretty depressing and I would love to cover them with colours and patterns! (  I have been crossing all my fingers for years  to see this happen day!)

K: Here at Koskela we want to know what brings our staff, customers, collaborators and clients joy. What brings you Joy?

C: The smell of frangipani, long lunch in provence with friends and family, warm weather, early morning runs, Messina ice creams, eating with chopsticks,  good combination of colours, painting walls, using a level to get lines straight, peeling of masking tape, the pantone project and a bit of sunrise watching

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