New World: Textiles from New York / South Wales / Zealand

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New World: Textiles from New York / South Wales / Zealand

New World' brings together the fibre art of three Australian weavers: Maryanne Moodie, Natalie Miller and Genevieve Griffiths. Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Robertson, NSW, and Featherston, NZ, respectively, this show will present the dynamic, diverse forms of contemporary textiles. Join weaver Natalie Miller for a half hour talk on tapestry and macrame techniques, and her pieces in the exhibition. A chance to meet the artist, have a slice of cake and find out more about contemporary fibre craft. Saturday June 27th; 2 - 2.30pmSee launch details here.


Maryanne Moodie’s tapestries reference contemporary art, couture, architecture and a nostalgia for days gone by. Melbourne-born, she is now based in Brooklyn, NY. Maryanne Moody’s Website


Natalie Miller is an architect, interior designer, maker and weaver, based in the Southern Highlands, who hosts regular macramé and tapestry workshops at Koskela. Natalie Miller’s Website


Genevieve Griffiths is also an architect, as well as a potter and weaver, who constructs intimate tapestries that fuse surface and symbolic design. Genevieve Griffiths

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