Vintage Kilim Bean Bag

Sourced from Turkey, these beautiful beanbags are made from vintage kilim rag rugs.

Originally used as a floor rug, Koskela found a resourceful way to reinterpret this beautiful fabric into one off unique beanbags.
Each one features vintage multi-striped kilim fabric and is finished by hand with a colourful blanket stitch and a Koskela embossed leather tag. It also includes a detachable inner lining to hold the beans in place and an industrial hidden zip for easy removal of the lining for filling with beans or cleaning.

Each one is hand-made and therefore entirely unique in tone and pattern. No two are the ever the same.

Beanbags are a great seating option as they are relaxed, comfortable and casual which suits a lot of our home environments and how people like to live these days. They are the perfect shape for sitting in to read a book or watch a movie.

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